Our Services

Apex Capital Management is a Registered Investment Adviser headquartered in Lafayette, LA.  We provide fee-only financial planning services and investment advice.  Our financial planners avoid potential conflicts of interest by working solely for you.  We receive no compensation from third parties such as mutual fund or insurance companies, and we do not sell any financial products. 

We work with people of all ages from all walks of life.  You can engage us on either a one-time basis or as needed.  You receive personal attention.  Whether you are building assets for the future - or seeking to protect, enjoy, and pass on those you already have - Apex Capital Management is ready to help with sound, professional advice. 

Your financial objectives may include:

  • Creating and preserving personal wealth
  • Establishing charitable legacies
  • Increasing your peace of mind
  • Maximizing wealth transfer
  • Minimizing the risk of financial catastrophe
  • Protection against inflation
  • Providing for a child's education
  • Reducing tax burdens
  • Securing retirement income

Our services to help you reach your goals include:

  • A second opinion on current financial planning and investments
  • Advice on employee stock options
  • An analysis of insurance needs
  • Asset and investment management
  • Cash-flow expense planning
  • College funding strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Long-range and life-style planning
  • Lump-sum distribution advice
  • Retirement planning strategies