Business Continuity


Apex Capital Management, LLC (ACM) has established a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan addressing the possibility of a future significant business disruption and the plan to respond to events of varying scope.  Our goal is to provide our clients with continued access to their funds and securities, and to protect the people and assets of our firm. This plan will allow us a method of making operational and financial assessments, and to recover and resume business operations in a rapid and efficient manner.
This overview will not re-create the entire plan, but rather, will attempt to summarize key features of the Plan. No contingency plan can provide absolute assurance that an interruption in business will not occur or that negative consequences will not ensue from a crisis or event. Because natural and other disruptions – even if anticipated generally – are unpredictable and can change over time, no plan when originally designed or even if later modified can anticipate every contingency or need. ACM is committed to ensuring that its program is comprehensive and up-to-date, and we will alter, add to, or eliminate specific aspects of the program as we judge appropriate for the protection of all concerned.
ACM has designated a Business Continuity Team. The team develops, tests, and maintains the plan. The team leader, Robert Morella or alternate Tammy Duhon, will be responsible for activating the Plan in the event of interruption to normal business operations, and will evaluate the severity of the interruption and determine the necessary steps to continue business.
Short-term and longer-term contingency plans have been created should an incident effectively eliminate the ability to do business from 701 Robley Drive, Suite 200, Lafayette, LA. Our plan considers the potential need for our business operations to be supported by staff operating from non-ACM locations, including alternate office locations or their homes, should an incident occur which makes our main office unavailable.
ACM does not maintain custody of clients’ funds and securities. Custody is maintained at SEI Private Trust Company. In the event of a business disruption, our investment advisor representatives will take customer orders and instructions over the phone, providing phone service is available, and contact our clients’ custodians on their behalf. If Web access is available, ACM will post instructions on our Website for how customers can access their funds. As a last resort, clients may contact SEI directly at 1-800-734-1003.
The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan also takes in to account the information technology needs of ACM. Backup procedures for computer systems and electronic data have been established. With recovery of our backup systems, all necessary data systems will be functional. ACM has identified those systems it has deemed critical to operations, maintains a list of those systems, and has arranged for off-site back up of those systems, or has reviewed Business Continuity plans of other system providers.
ACM maintains an up to date communications list to assist with alternate communications between the firm and customers, employees, vendors, regulators, and other business constituents.
This Business Continuity Plan is regularly tested to assure it is up to date and meets the needs of the firm and our clients. Pertinent updates to this Overview will be available on the ACM website at This Overview can also be obtained via mail by contacting ACM at 337-984-7010.
Should there be a significant business disruption clients are encouraged to visit the ACM website at Updates will be posted to this tab (Business Continuity).