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Election Results: Biden Wins Ticket to White House (November 2020)

Election Goes into Overtime (November 2020)

Equity Indexes Broadly Diversified or Concentrated and Risky? (October 2020)

Investment-Grade Fixed Income: An All-Weather Investment (October 2020)

Nothing Like a Recession to Shake Things Up: How the Economic Cycle Influences Market Leadership (October 2020)

Election 2020: Your Money and Your Life

U.S. Equities Look Different Without Big Tech

Does the Presidential Election Move the U.S. Stock Market (October 2020)

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Diversity and Inclusion in SEI’s Manager Research Process (August 2020)

Dawn of a New Dow? What’s Driving the Reconstitution of the Dow Jones Industrial Average? (August 2020)

Three Ways to Help Mitigate Equity Market Declines (August 2020)

Diversification Should Transcend Asset Classes and Geographies (August 2020)

The Stock Market is Not the Economy (August 2020)

Seeking Opportunity in Adaptive Markets: Why Does Global Diversification Make Sense? (July 2020)

U.S. Value Stocks: Neglected Opportunity (June 2020)

Why Active Fixed Income?  Why Now? (June 2020)

Volatility?  No Surprise – and Not so Volatile (June 2020)


Weekly Updates

Weekly Market Commentary - U.S. Stocks Rise Despite Electoin Uncertainty - 11/06/20


Monthly Updates

Monthly Market Commentary - January 2020 (February 2020) 

Monthly Market Commentary - February 2020 (March 2020)

Monthly Market Commentary - April 2020 (May 2020)

Monthly Market Commentary - July 2020 (August 2020)

Monthly Market Commentary - August 2020 (September 2020)

Monthly Market Commentary - October 2020 (November 2020)


Quarterly Updates

Qarterly Investment Review - 3rd Quarter 2020 VIDEO (October 2020)

Quarterly Market Commentary - 3rd Quarter 2020 (October 2020)

Economic Outlook - 3rd Quarter (October 2020)

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Quarterly Commentary - 3rd Quarter (October 2020)

Portfolio Update - PC Strategies - 3rd Quarter 2020 (October 2020)


Annual Updates

Year End Letter 2019 (January 2020)


Market Fundamentals

A Brief History of US Economic Crisis (July 2019)

What is Gross Domestic Product? (March 2019)

What is a Recession? (February 2019)

Investment Fundamentals: What is a Bear Market? (June 2018)



Miscellaneous Commentaries

The Odd Couple: Recessions and Value (June 2020)

Oil Prices: Looking Beyond the Headlines (May 2020)

COVID-19 Crisis: Asset Allocation Review (May 2020)

Bond Market Liquidity is Back - But is it Here to Stay? (May 2020)

The Shape of Recovery: V, W or L? Looking Beyond the Letters (May 2020)

COVID-19 Crisis: Equity Review (April 2020)

COVID-19 Crisis: Fixed Income Review (April 2020)

After Forced Selling, is it Time for a Small-Cap Comeback? (April 2020)

Bond Ladders: A Piece of the Planning Puzzle (April 2020)

The Municipal Bond Market is Recovering from COVID-19 (April 2020)

COVID-19 Recovery: Does the Black Swan's Flight Path Run Through China? (March 2020)

Looking Beyong Fear: An Analysis of Sharp Selloffs (March 2020)

Our View on the Stock Markets? Stunning (March 2020)

Stock Prices Slide as market Volatility Returns (March 2020)

How Do You Handle a Bear?  Patience and Diversificaiton (March 2020)

Market Bears Awaken (March 2020)

Volatility: What's Normal? ( March 2020)

Tracking the Coronavirus: How Have Equity Markets Fared in Different Regions? (March 2020)

No Pain, No Gain: Disciplined Investing through Anxious Times (March 2020)

Market Corrections: More Common Than You Think (February 2020)

Virus Spread Rattles Markets (February 2020)

A Reminder on the Big Moves: It's the Percent (Not the Points) That Counts (February 2020)

Reframing the Risk Parity  Decision (February 2020)

Slowing Growth, Speeding Outbreak.  Time to Panic Yet? (February 2020)

Sticking with Value: Patience and Persistence Required (January 2020)

Coronavirus Wobbles Markets (January 2020)